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First published: 2014-05-31

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1 Dave: “A little early, aren’t you?”

2 Nick: “Yeah, my mum got me out of bed extra early so I wouldn’t be late.”

3 Dave: “Bless.”

4 Nick: “What’s this play you’re in that I’ve heard about?”

5 Dave: “Dorian Gray.”

6 Nick: “Wasn’t he the villain guy from that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film?”

7 Dave: “Have you ever even tried reading a book, Nick?”


Dave Hobday on 2014-05-31 15:38:43

At last, a new page! Apologies for the delay. And, before anyone points it out, I am aware that the 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' film had not been released at this point (although the comic had). But in the same way that we didn't really have mobile phones then either, this is merely Dave's "imaginitive reconstruction" of his life (with a few of his own embelishments!)...


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