David Sebastian Hawthorne (Dave)

The titular character; Dave is smug and narcissistic, but is also prone to deviousness, selfishness and arrogance. Despite his vanity, however, he cares deeply for his friends.


Eliot Gabriel Gibson

Eliot is a mellow, overly-relaxed skateboarder. He is Dave’s oldest friend; they have known each other since they were three-years-old. Eliot is one quarter Japanese.


Alexander Douglas Cunningham (Alex)

Alex is a scientific and mathematical genius, and usually the voice of reason within the group.


Nicholas K Reynolds (Nick)

Nick is overweight and usually the butt of everyone's jokes (especially Dave's). This constant badinage has led to Nick becoming a somewhat sarcastic and defensive individual.


Joel Michael Damien Spencer

Joel is a talented musician and can play just about any instrument that he picks up. He flirts with most women he deems attractive, but his actions usually lead to rejection and trouble.


Cate Louise Mayweather

Cate is the youngest member of her year group. She is bubbly, theatrical and occasionally ditzy.




Edward Hawthorne (Edd)

Dave’s younger brother; he is two school years below Dave. Since they are both teenagers, they often argue and engage in sibling rivalry, but ultimately they are always there for each other and are really the best of friends.


Margot Hawthorne

Dave’s mother


Kenneth Hawthorne

Dave’s father; an accountant.